Brief history of KATPIS
KATPIS dates back to a "Studying Philosophy" circle which were founded at Seoul National University of Education in the 1960's for the cause of "Human Revolution through Human Education". The circle members, guided by Prof. Chosik Lee (the present president of KATPIS), have been studying philosophy and, as teachers, trying to promote philosophical way of thinking within classrooms up to the present. Such efforts made social expressions such as translating and introducing foreign resources during the 1980's. Indeed, the activities of the Studying Philosophy Circle played a pioneering role in awakening the need of doing philosophy in the classrooms.

Meanwhile, our society has become aware of the importance of teaching philosophy. Simultaneously, there appeared the trends of climbing the bandwagon of teaching philosophy, which we thought was due to superficial understandings of doing philosophy. So, the members of "the Studying Philosophy Circle", with Prof. Chosik Lee so far in charge of them, arrived at the conclusion that there must be an authentic research group for teaching philosophy in our country. In 1995, thus, KATPIS was founded for realizing the above cause. At present, a number of primary and secondary teachers with strong background in philosophy and university faculties all interested in teaching philosophy are involved in KATPIS. They are now pursuing their own research concerns under the sub-groups. KATPIS has, among other things, established an intensive research bond between academic and practical areas of teaching philosophy.