What is KATPIS pursuing?
We are now living the so-called Information Age in the globalized world.
This age challenges us to reflect and reform our on-going Educational practices in a fundamental way. First of all, we seek to recover the missing dimensions of doing philosophy in our education. For we believe that doing philosophy must be redefined and then shared with our children at the very threshold of the 21th century, if we are to equip our children with the indipensable thinking skills and dispositions to cope with this Information Age. Defined as skillful ways of thinking reflectively, doing philosophy can help children systematize logically, utilize wisely and construct creati! vely a huge amount of information flooding upon them.

The globalized world demands that we hurry to adapt to cultural pluralism. Otherwise, we would be exposed to the danger of isolating ourselves or losing our unique cultural identity. We have already decided to confront ourselves with this rapidly globalizing environment, which necessitates creating a model of global citizenship for the 21st century. Doing philosophy in the classroom is the first step toward globalizing our education because it encourages children to compare and evaluate different points of views. When invited to have philosophical discussions, they are expected to get ready to give their own thoughts and listen to others' viewpoints more care! fully, which will, eventually, lead to nurturing mutual tolerance among different ways of thinking and living.

We are thus trying to prepare our children for this age of Information and Globalization through doing philosophy. For this cause, KATPIS have set the goals as follows.